“His defiance of science has made it impossible to do what he wanted to do. The irony is his incompetence and his arrogance and his refusal to listen to experts and his downplaying of the virus have made it impossible to do what he thought he needed to run for reelection.” The Atlantic: How Trump Closed Down the Schools. A thousand times this. My son will start high school on Zoom and my dad is locked in his house because this administration failed to lead.

+ Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp sues Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms over face mask order.

+ NYT Upshot: A Detailed Map of Who Is Wearing Masks in the U.S. (In many places, we’re so close to getting it right. But Covid doesn’t care about close.)

+ Vox: Trump reduced fines for nursing homes that put residents at risk. Then Covid-19 happened.

+ “The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19. Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust. I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it.” That unfounded remark from former game show host Chuck Woolery was retweeted by the president. Well, Chuck’s tune changed in less than two and two, after his son tested positive. He then realized everyone is not lying. His hero is lying.