We often justifiably focus on the terrible decisions being made by the worst and the dimmest. But there’s another story playing out in labs across the world. The best and the brighest are racing to save our lives. “You have to stare at this image a bit to see its power. But look hard enough and you’ll see that, from the virus’s point of view, it’s a terrifying new weapon to slow the pandemic. By revealing the genetic relationship between the viruses, the diagram exposes the social relationships between people it infects. ‘It’s basically a spotlight that tells you where to dig,’ said DeRisi. ‘In all of history, we’ve never had a really clear picture of the spread of the virus. That just changed.'” Michael Lewis in Bloomberg: The New Weapon in the Covid-19 War. “‘Our state government should be doing this,’ said DeRisi. ‘It should be asking: What are our social relationships and which ones lead to the transmission of disease? That’s what you would do in a rational society.'” (I always wondered what people did in those…)