Glory Days

Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture / A little of the glory of / Well time slips away / And leaves you with nothing mister but / Boring stories of glory days.

“Major League Baseball plans to hold a 60-game season that will begin around July 24 but first needs players to sign off on a health-and-safety protocol and to pledge to arrive at home stadiums by July 1 to prepare for the season, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN.” (I need this as much as anyone. But I have a feeling we’ll have no baseball this year. Or football. Or even the scheduled NBA season. Even the most realistic of us are still underestimating the disaster we face: We’re fighting a once in a generation battle with the absolute worst imaginable leadership. Uh, play ball?)

+ “In April, he was criticized for saying he would not want to take a vaccine for the virus in order to be able to compete, even if it were mandatory for travel.” He’s also broken several rules and downplayed the virus. Now, after holding a non-socially distanced tournament, Novak Djokovic has tested positive for coronavirus. Being hard-headed helps in tennis. Germs don’t give a shit. Advantage, Covid.

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