What to Watch: My brother-in-law Douglass is a Black pastor (most recently at SF’s famous Glide Church) who grew up hearing the stories about the Tulsa Massacre. He and his group of fellow pastors are all huge fans of a show that they felt finally depicted important truths about race, history, and that event (one that is back in the headlines because of Trump’s sick plan to resume his rallies in Tulsa on Juneteenth). That show is Watchmen. It not only got the race angle right enough to be lauded by those who know the story well, it’s also an awesome show. And yes, we’re still waiting for our own Damon Lindelof, the show’s amazing creator, to complete the final chapters of Something, Something, Something Murder, but he’s been busy winning a Peabody Award. Congrats, my friend.

+ What to Read: For some background on the massacre, this is what happened in Tulsa in 1921.

+ What to Book: In another life (and during a different era of riots), I taught African American literature at Prospect Heights High School in Brooklyn. Here are a few books I’d recommend from that class. Native Son, by Richard Wright. Fences, and every other play by August Wilson. And The Bluest Eye and Beloved, by Toni Morrison (I wrote my college thesis on it.)

+ What to Worry About: If you missed it yesterday, you should probably check this out. I like to pretend I’m woke. But, Guys, I Think My Dad’s in Antifa.