“In Hood River, Oregon, antifa were, according to screenshot of a fake Instagram story, calling on followers to ‘root loot do anything in your power.’ In Spring Hill, Tennessee, there was a ‘busload’ staying at the Holiday Inn, prepping to loot Walgreens at noon. In Wenatchee, Washington, bands of men dressed in black were surveilling potential targets. In Payette, Idaho, a plane full of protesters was circling overhead. In Honolulu, antifa had been flown in from the mainland. In Billings, Montana, some claimed agitators had been spotted by the National Guard. In Nebraska, they were creating Craigslist ads offering to pay people $25 a day to ’cause as much chaos and destruction as possible.’ In Sisters, Oregon, they were planning to show up at the local Bi-Mart.” Anne Helen Petersen: How The Antifa Fantasy Spread In Small Towns Across The US.

+ Protest misinformation is riding on the success of pandemic hoaxes. (Lies and conspiracy theories are tearing America apart.)

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