Flames and Extinguishers

Another night of mostly peaceful protests were marred by looting, and yes, shooting, as several police officers were shot. Reuters: Tensions rise in U.S. cities after police shot. But there have also been moments of remarkable unity. Police officers are joining protesters for prayers and hugs in several US cities. In Lubbock, police and protesters joined together for a Silent Solidarity Walk. A protester asked the Tennessee National Guard to lay down their riot shields. They did. BBC: Uplifting moments from peaceful protests. And from Buzzfeed: 27 Powerful Moments Of Hope During The Protests.

+ Spike Lee: “I’ve been very encouraged by the diversity of the protesters. I haven’t seen this diverse protests since when I was a kid. I’m encouraged that my white sisters and brothers are out there.”

+ No one knows more about the relationship of black Americans and the legal system than Bryan Stevenson. He talked to The New Yorker about The Frustration Behind the George Floyd Protests: “To be honest, it’s not that hard to protest. It’s not that hard to go someplace. And it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. It doesn’t mean that it’s not critical. But that’s not the hard thing we need from people who care about these issues. We need people to vote, we need people to engage in policy reform and political reform, we need people to not tolerate the rhetoric of fear and anger that so many of our elected officials use to sustain power.”

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