At the GOP convention, Trump famously proclaimed, “I alone can fix it.” The truth is that a president can’t do much of anything alone. Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic with today’s must-read: History Will Judge the Complicit. “First Trump’s enablers accepted lies about the inauguration; now they accept terrible tragedy and the loss of American leadership in the world. Worse could follow.” Why have so many sold their souls for this president? Applebaum lists the many reasons, including the most basic: “For those who have never experienced it, the mystical pull of that connection to power, that feeling of being an insider, is difficult to explain. Nevertheless, it is real, and strong enough to affect even the highest-ranking, best-known, most influential people in America.”

+ The least surprising headline of the day: Top Republican senators defend Trump’s church photo-op after peaceful protesters cleared out.

+ McCay Coppins: The Christians Who Loved Trump’s Stunt.