Social Distortion

Following a Twitter factcheck, President Trump is preparing an executive order targeting social media protections. The order will be legally challenged and won’t amount to much. It’s a political move we’ve come to expect in Opposite World. Trump’s social media threats aren’t just an attempt to distract you from 100k virus deaths. They’re also an attempt to distract you from the fact that no candidate in history has benefited more from the current state of social media. And don’t kid yourself. Big tech will come out of this pandemic much more powerful than before.

+ Mark Zuckerberg rejected Twitter’s Trump fact check in an interview on Weds. “I think we’ve been pretty clear on what I think the right approach is, which is that I don’t think that Facebook or Internet platforms in general should be arbiters of truth.” A decent headline for this quote would be Guy Largely Responsible for Obliteration of Truth Doesn’t Want to Be the Arbiter of Truth. And Zuck would have to agree. Later in the same interview, he explained: “There are lines, and we will enforce them, but I think in general you want to give as wide of a voice as possible, and I think you want to have a special deference to political speech.” In other words, there is an arbiter of truth. It’s Zuckerberg.

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