The US Death Toll has officially reached 100,000. America and the world have been forever altered. We’ve been inundated by news. We can think of little else but this pandemic. But there’s something missing. WaPo’s Marc Fisher provides a solid reflection on American at 100K. “There have been few expressions of public grief — no gold stars in the windows of homes where people died, no outcry for national unity or memorials, as happened after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. In this trauma, the enemy is unseen; there is no one against whom to mobilize the nation’s energy, anger and frustration … Despite a death toll that has overwhelmed hospitals and funeral homes, it remains early in the course of the epidemic. There has been as yet no national requiem, no moment that captured the collective sense of loss, no president standing atop the ruins, rallying the nation through a bullhorn.”

+ ProPublica: 100,000 Lives Lost to COVID-19. What Did They Teach Us? (More importantly, what have we learned?)

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