We Agree

Arguments often end with the phrase, We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Today, we begin with a phrase that, while more taut, seems much harder to believe in modern America: We agree. Yes, we have a president who deals in falsehoods and misinformed guesswork (his latest salvo is publicly challenging Anthony Fauci’s advice and urging schools to reopen now — forget the fact that it’s three weeks before Summer). Yes, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court stripped that state’s governor of his ability to extend stay at home orders, which led to some unfortunate bar scenes on social media. Yes, even though they’re decked out in the latest Amazon-shipped camouflage, we can’t unsee the images of over-armed, pseudo patriots taking a revolutionary stand in the name of reopening the local tattoo shop, and being remembered as the least great generation. And yes, because of the way viruses spread, those making poor decisions have an outsized impact on their communities. But, when it comes to public opinion on these matters, there is no great chasm. In fact, there have been few issues in recent memory about which Americans—across economic, educational, and geographic divides—have been more united. WaPo: By massive margins, Americans are in favor of social distancing and mask wearing.

+ Even those pretending to be opposed to safety messages are following them. That’s why Fox News extended its stay at home orders through mid-June. Yup, they’re urging viewers to get back out there from the safety of their own homes. There is no bottom.

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