Our general agreement regarding safety measures doesn’t imply that we don’t want to get the hell out of our houses and back into what’s left of the economy. Stay at home strategies were always intended to be temporary. You stay home (check), the curves are made more flat (check), hospitals retain the bandwidth to serve patients (check), and the federal government develops and begins to execute a detailed plan to reopen society (checked out). “The Trump administration wasted the pause. Over the past two months, the US should have built the testing, contact tracing, and quarantine infrastructure necessary to safely end lockdown and transition back to normalcy — as many of its peer countries did. Instead, Trump has substituted showmanship for action, playing the president on TV but refusing to do the actual job.” Ezra Klein: 60 days into the coronavirus crisis, the White House does not have a plan, a framework, a philosophy, or a goal.

+ “There’s no reason the wealthiest country in the world—the nation that re-built Europe, that went to the moon, that claims exceptionalism as its birthright—should have to choose between economic resilience and protecting the lives of its most vulnerable citizens. Countries that acted more quickly to curb the spread of the virus have limited the damage on both fronts.” Time: There Are Sensible Ways to Reopen a Country. Then There’s America’s Approach.

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