“Well, you know how we’re stretching out the cases over a longer period of time? Flattening the curve? We’re also flattening the truth. So just stay inside, and you’ll be fine. Order stuff online. Support your local restaurant.” … Whew. OK. We can do that … “But do so knowing that you are putting the lives of everyone at risk — the cooks, the clerks, the delivery people. I’m actually a bit shocked by your selfishness and the cavalier way you’re sacrificing the lives of people who have no choice but to expose themselves to grave danger during a pandemic.” … It sounds like you’re saying we shouldn’t order stuff to be delivered. … “You shouldn’t. Unless you want local businesses to die.” The most excellent Dave Eggers brings clarity to the confusion. NYT: Flattening the Truth on Coronavirus. All your questions about the pandemic, answered. Sort of.