“San Francisco had yet to confirm a single case of the coronavirus when Breed, the city’s 45-year-old first-term mayor, declared a state of emergency in late February. Two weeks later, Breed’s decision to ban gatherings of more than 1,000 people forced the hand of the Bay Area’s beloved Golden State Warriors, who this year moved into San Francisco’s Chase Center after nearly a half century in Oakland. Her decision, along with the NBA’s first positive case of the coronavirus, set in motion a chain of events that effectively shut down all of the nation’s major sports leagues. At the time, Breed heard criticism that she was moving too quickly. ‘Not anymore!’ she told me with a chuckle.” The City That Has Flattened the Coronavirus Curve. I said it yesterday, I’ll say it again: We need to stop covering good press conferences and start covering good leadership.

+ Kansas supreme court upholds governor’s order limiting the size of Easter services. (Even atheists were like, Thank god……)