Feel Good Sunday

“We have reached a crossroads, we have emerged from what we assumed was normality, things have suddenly overturned. One of our main tasks now – especially those of us who are not sick, are not frontline workers, and are not dealing with other economic or housing difficulties – is to understand this moment, what it might require of us, and what it might make possible.” Rebecca Solnit: ‘The impossible has already happened’: what coronavirus can teach us about hope.

+ Italian comic book illustrator Milo Manara is drawing the female heroes fighting the virus. “I’m setting them down on paper so that we may remember them one, two, 10 years down the line. I hope they will have helped us enter a new world.” (Art like this helps us survive the current one.)

+ SNL was live from home last night. It made me feel better. Here are all of the skits, Weekend Update, and Chris Martin playing Dylan.

+ Want to support an iconic bookstore? Here are some of the indie bookstores seeking donations.

+ Oakland has closed a bunch of streets to cars. Other cities should follow its lead.

+ “A white 2019 Audi A8 L sedan with extra fuel tanks in the trunk pulled away from a Midtown Manhattan parking garage late last Saturday night. A driver on a high-speed mission aimed the car west and hit the accelerator. Averaging more than 100 miles per hour over nearly 3,000 miles of the nation’s epically uncrowded highway system, the car arrived at an oceanside hotel in Redondo Beach, Calif., less than 27 hours later.” (Traffic, in other words, is light.)

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