The most excellent Damon Lindelof has kindly offered to share a serialized story with NextDraft readers to help us, and him, through the quarantine. The first 10 chapters are here.

+ Now that you’re all caught up, it’s serialized story improv time. Throw out any topic, idea or cultural reference that you’d like to see in an upcoming chapter. Past topics have included Hillary with an eye-patch, Travolta’s time machine altered career, Kenny Loggins sans Messina, a man with an amazing beard, kids plotting a murder during quarantine, NextDoor-incited fist fights, and Days of Our Lives. My submissions have included: Mixing Pop Rocks and Soda, the “Let’s Get Mikey” kid from Life Cereal Commercials, and the PSA: This is your brain on drugs. Just think of this like you’re at a comedy club and you’re yelling out topic for the stand up. (Only, you’re the only one in the room because it’s a pandemic, and, let’s be honest, this is below Damon’s pay grade.) Submit your ideas here and check back to see if it makes it into the story.

+ And if you missed it yesterday, please read my open letter to NYC, the city I love.