While life continues in some American cities, such is not the case in my neck of the woods. “Six Bay Area counties announced ‘shelter in place’ orders for all residents on Monday — the strictest measure of its kind yet in the continental United States — directing everyone to stay inside their homes and away from others as much as possible for the next three weeks.” (Staying away from others has never sounded like much of a hinderance to me, but this is a trip. Reality turned on a dime.)

+ A coronavirus patient refused to quarantine, so deputies are surrounding his house to make him. (If the first few days locked in with my kids is any indication, deputies may need to surround my house too.)

+ Photos from the coronavirus era from inFocus and AP.

+ Checks are coming, French citizens face fines for leaving the house, and voting is taking place in two of three states where is was scheduled (which seems worrisome). Here’s the latest from NYT, WaPo, and BBC.