Being home is one thing. Getting your stuff while you’re there is another. Yesterday, I explained to our postman how his work gloves will and won’t protect him, what to do with them when he gets home, how to remove his rubber gloves safely, and how long the virus can last on packages, etc. He had none of the data he needed. I passed this along to some people in high places, but it’s a recipe for disaster. WaPo: Amazon’s warehouse workers sound alarms about coronavirus spread.

+ Amazon is hiring 100,000 new workers in the US to deal with the coronavirus boom. (“Amazon accounts for nearly 39% of all online deliveries.” They’re basically a nation state during this crisis.)

+ Reuters: Amazon stops receiving non-essential products from sellers amid coronavirus outbreak.

+ Bloomberg: Five warehouse workers in Europe have contracted Covid-19, while in the U.S. Amazon is struggling to hire enough people to meet an order spike.