“Preparing for a sizable outbreak seemed absurd when there were fewer than 20 cases on American soil. Now we know that the disease was already spreading and that it was the U.S. response that was stalled.” Alexis Madrigal in The Atlantic: The Official Coronavirus Numbers Are Wrong, and Everyone Knows It.

+ In the Seattle area, people already know the official national numbers are a farce, especially inside the Life Care nursing center in Kirkland. NYT: “The news that two people from the center died of coronavirus days before officials identified the emerging crisis suggested that the virus had been circulating inside the facility even longer than had been understood.” From NBC: The Trump administration last year moved to roll back regulations aimed at preventing infections from spreading in nursing homes. And, the administration cut funding for Obama-era disease security programs. But, of course, Trump is blaming Obama for the botched federal government response. (I need a facemask for reading the news.)

+ “All sporting events in Italy will be played sans fans until April 3 as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.” And James Bond producers will delay the latest edition for several months. Apparently, it’s No Time to Die at the box office.

+ Here’s the latest on the virus from CNN.