“A camera over each station captured workers’ movements as they assembled parts for auto heat-management systems. The video was piped into machine-learning software made by a startup called Drishti, which watched workers’ movements and calculated how long each person took to complete their work.” Wired: When AI Can’t Replace a Worker, It Watches Them Instead. (For the AI assigned to watch me, it will be a war of attrition. I’ve barely moved since the day Marc Andreessen launched the web browser.)

+ “While we’ve been watching the horizon for the self-driving trucks, perpetually five years away, the robots arrived in the form of the supervisor, the foreman, the middle manager.” The Verge: How Hard Will the Robots Make Us Work?

+ And another side of the story, that may or may not have been written by someone under the supervision of a robot. Don’t fear a ‘robot apocalypse’ – tomorrow’s digital jobs will be more satisfying and higher-paid.