“As new countries confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths on Wednesday, President Trump on Twitter called for a 6 p.m. news conference with officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others to discuss the spread of the virus. He accused the media of stoking panic about financial markets.” WaPo with the latest. Coronavirus fears spook markets as outbreak spreads; Trump calls news conference, accuses media of panicking markets. (The true sickness in America is not coronavirus, it’s politics. We can’t even cover, prepare for, or mourn for those lost to an illness without it becoming just another story about Trump.)

+ We’re gonna get a press conference and a lot of tweets. What we could probably use is someone to fill those 700 vacancies at the CDC.

+ “Those surgical masks? If you’re not sick, you don’t need to wear them — and you certainly don’t need to buy every box your local pharmacy has in stock.” WaPo: How to prepare for coronavirus in the US. (Spoiler: Not sick? No need to wear a mask.)