“Kids, gather ’round. Daddy wants to tell you a story about a special day online” … Please, Dad. Not another story about the good old days before Russian bots and Bloomberg’s media buys, when the internet had positive qualities and people went online without the anticipatory anxiety associated with Trump’s next tweet … “Trust me. Just pull your attention away from the ephemeral popularity of that silly TikTok dance and listen to this tale from a time when going viral really meant something. It all started on this day, five years ago, when two llamas escaped from an Arizona retirement community. I’ll let the uniquely qualified folks at Buzzfeed take it from here” … What’s Buzzfeed? One of those stodgy old, news sites you’re always going on about? The Oral History of 2/26: The Day Two Llamas and a Dress Tried to Save the Internet. “They were divisive, sure, but in the kind of low-stakes way that affirms, rather than threatens, our shared humanity. And they were purely joyful and universal in the way that the best things on the internet can feel. Simply put: We lost our shit, and we lost it together twice in the same day. And we had fun doing it. And we haven’t seen anything like it since.”