“Court records show that Jan Peter Meister, a 52-year-old registered sex offender, told investigators he drunkenly left the threatening voicemail at Schiff’s Washington, D.C. office after watching Fox News and googling the congressman’s phone number. ‘I’m gonna f–king blow your brains out you f–king piece of shit,’ Meister allegedly said in part of the obscenity-filled voicemail.” The threat against Adam Schiff. Every public (or now public) official who came forward to speak the truth during the impeachment process deserves our praise. Trust me, they’re all getting plenty of the opposite…

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+ “Trump, says a source, wants Bolton to be criminally investigated for possibly mishandling classified information. Romney, Schiff, and Nadler are also in West Wing crosshairs.” Gabe Sherman in Vanity Fair: With Acquittal Certain, Trump Plots Revenge on Bolton, Impeachment Enemies.

+ Trump Job Approval at Personal Best 49%.