Neighborhood Watch

“All across the country, despite China’s vast surveillance network with its facial recognition systems and high-end cameras that is increasingly used to track its 1.4 billion people, the government has turned to familiar authoritarian techniques — like setting up dragnets and asking neighbors to inform on one another — as it tries to contain the outbreak.” NYT: China, Desperate to Stop Coronavirus, Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor.

+ Who did China turn on first? The Chinese doctor who tried to warn others about coronavirus.

+ ABC: China deploys drones to scold citizens amid coronavirus.

+ “In the new coronavirus, we see a world that is more connected than ever by international travel, but that has also succumbed to growing isolationism and xenophobia. We see a time when scientific research and the demand for news, the spread of misinformation and the spread of a virus, all happen at a relentless, blistering pace.” Ed Yong in The Atlantic: The New Coronavirus Is a Truly Modern Epidemic.

+ Want to track the outbreak? Here’s a dashboard from Johns Hopkins.

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