“He tapped at his keyboard and on the screen, watched a simulation of his new helmet shock absorber, and whispered: ‘This could reduce concussions by at least 75 percent. Theoretically, this is the holy grail.’ That might be an unintentionally apt metaphor. No one, after all, has found Jesus’ chalice. After years of research, only a few scientists believe they can still make such a helmet.” NYT: This Helmet Will Save Football. Actually, Probably Not.

+ “Ten retired NFL players, including former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis, are accused of defrauding a league health care program by submitting fake invoices for medical equipment.” (Hopefully, the league’s health care plan covers irony.)

+ Concussions are the scariest thing about pro football. But fumble piles are a close second. SB Nation: The gore, guts and horror of an NFL fumble pile. “Inside the pile, you kept your eyes closed, like a feeding shark, to guard against knifing hands that were trying to maim and blind, yank and punch scrotums, and dislocate fingers.” (This is basically what it’s like being a news curator these days.)