“Residents who packed the cafeteria saw the vote as a referendum on what their community values. Speakers cited the state’s history of welcoming immigrants from Scandinavia, its tradition of North Dakota Nice,’ and the Christian faith shared by many in the room. Some raised concerns that their community would be perceived as hateful and bigoted if it took a hard-line stance against refugees. Others spoke about the problems caused by the recent oil boom — overpopulated schools, rising crime rates, an uptick in homelessness — and questioned whether the state was overextending itself by welcoming so many newcomers.”
WaPo takes you to a middle-school cafeteria in Bismarck, North Dakota, where America’s immigration debate played out over the course of four hours. WaPo: A North Dakota county was poised to be first to bar refugees under Trump’s executive order. Residents said no. (They said a lot more than that, and it’s definitely worth a read…)

+ “A group of doctors, who last month pressured U.S. Customs and Border Protection to allow them to give flu vaccines to detained migrant children, have now taken their fight to the driveway of a detention facility in San Ysidro and said they are not leaving until they get approval.” The San Diego Union Tribune: CBP denies access to doctors seeking flu vaccinations for migrant children.