Meanwhile, back home, House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler kicked off the next phase of the impeachment hearings: “No other president has vowed to ‘fight all of the subpoenas,’ as President Trump has promised. In the 1974 impeachment proceedings, President Nixon produced dozens of recordings. In 1998, President Clinton physically gave his blood. President Trump, by contrast, has refused to produce a single document and directed every witness not to testify.” Nothing could have provided a better preview for what we’re in for than the fact there was a GOP objection a few seconds into the hearing. Here’s the latest from the impeach pit.

+ And Rudy is on a trip abroad that includes Kiev (no, really). He’s working on a documentary to debunk the obvious facts we’ve seen and heard. NYT: Giuliani, Facing Scrutiny, Travels to Europe to Interview Ukrainians. (I’m not sure even Documentary Now can parody this…)