For the prime minister of a country that produced Mike Myers, Eugene Levy, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Jim Carrey, and SCTV, Justin Trudeau’s quips about Trump’s NATO performance weren’t all that funny. Neither was Trump’s comeback to Trudeau’s caught-on-video exchange with leaders from France and Britain: “He’s two-faced.” The whole incident cast a shadow over the summit and left Justin Trudeau red-faced (of course, when it comes to Trudeau and facial colors, it could be worse.) While it’s topping the news in cities across the globe, the Trudeau mocking of Trump is the biggest non-story of all time. Every foreign leader mocks Trump; a man who gives new meaning to the phrase Comic Con (he dropped more than 20 false claims in his first day at the summit). One of the few places people aren’t laughing is in America, where this story went from comedy to tragedy a long time ago. Just like it did along the Syrian border, a topic on which Trump mused today: “That border is a mess for a long time. We have soldiers where the oil is and that’s the way I like it.” Here’s the latest from the NATO Summit.

+ Meanwhile, another viral moment featuring Princess Anne shrugging was blown out of proportion and perceived as a Trump slight. Maybe we laugh to keep from crying.

+ NPR: Under Trump, NATO Nations Get More U.S. Troops And Military Spending.