“They listened attentively as celebrity chef Seamus Mullen conducted a cooking lesson, discussing the importance of food as ‘nourishment’ while pointing to a bouquet of squash. Then, much like a home-economics class, the group was broken into four groups, each responsible for cooking an assigned dish. This is but one of many events at Haven Coliving, a fully furnished adult dorm in Venice dedicated to wellness. When these residents aren’t sleeping in a pod-style room with up to half a dozen strangers, they’re treated to a full lineup of Goop-friendly activities.” LA Times: This home comes with yoga, sound baths, star energy healing — and 95 roommates. (I have a Do Not Disturb door hanger for my room in my own house…)

+ Seriously, I’d rather live like the people in this story than that one. Secret Air Force Space Plane Lands After More Than 2 Years In Orbit.