Feel Good Friday

“When Tyler Moon opted to have ‘Jesus Saves’ printed on his Twin Cities Marathon racing bib instead of his name, he had no idea how prophetic those words would be.” Spoiler alert: Behind him was a Lakeville man named Jesus Bueno

+ “Thomas was attempting the journey less than two years after a breast cancer diagnosis.” ESPN: The inspiring true story of a record-breaking, death-defying 54-hour swim across the English Channel.

+ A 9-Year-Old Climbed El Capitan.

+ WaPo: A doctoral student wore a skirt made of rejection letters to defend her dissertation.

+ AI allows paralyzed person to ‘handwrite’ with his mind.

+ After a lifetime apart, sisters reunite.

+ A Pasco man’s journey from cleaning schools to teaching in them.

+ Nearly 6,000 Chicagoans to get letters this holiday season saying their unpaid medical debt is forgiven.

+ Shaquille O’Neal buys a home for a 12-year-old boy paralyzed in a shooting.

+ Chef José Andrés is scheduled to throw out the first pitch at World Series Game 5.

+ The Antarctic ozone hole is the smallest since it was discovered. (So if you’re looking to escape this world, you’re window is closing…)

+ Tired of the same old psyllium? Try fiber supplements with sparkles. (Just don’t blame me if you shit a unicorn…)

+ Butt her emails

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