“He robbed me of my dreams, of my chance to pursue a career I adored. The fact I will never have a chance to face my predator in court eats away at me. They let this man kill himself and kill the chance for justice for so many others.” AP: One by one, Epstein accusers poured out their anger in court.

+ The media let them down. The legal system let them down. So did academia. Buzzfeed: Jeffrey Epstein’s Links To Scientists Are Even More Extensive Than We Thought.

+ “Before and after his year in prison, in 2008, Epstein lavished money and attention on scientists—biologist Stephen Jay Gould, biochemist George Church, evolutionary scientist Martin Nowak, linguist Steven Pinker, physicist Murray Gell-Mann, physicist Stephen Hawking, and AI researcher Marvin Minsky, among many others.” Wired: Jeffrey Epstein and the Power of Networks.