“Fear sells even better than sex. If you can make people afraid, you can sell them all kinds of stuff … and that includes bunkers.” Will it be climate change? It could be a cyber attack. Maybe it will be terrorism or civil unrest related to the widening inequality gap (or even an inverted yield curve). Whatever it is, people are getting (shovel) ready for it. The NYT on how to make money off of America’s growing bunker mentality. A Boom Time for the Bunker Business and Doomsday Capitalists. (And I thought my above-ground house was a money pit…)

+ Bulletproof Coffee Talk: “Retailers across the country say they have seen growing demand for bullet-resistant products for children — as well as for doctors, teachers, flight attendants and taxi drivers — giving rise to an industry of ballistic goods for everyday Americans, though there is little evidence the products are actually effective.” WaPo: Covered in princesses — and bulletproof: Inside the booming business of everyday ballistic gear.