Bottom of the News

“Among other things, it would ban infinite scroll and autoplay on their apps and websites, and it would automatically limit a user’s time on a platform to 30 minutes a day.” Vox: Josh Hawley’s bill to limit your Twitter time to 30 minutes a day, explained. (It takes me that long just to admire my work from the day before.)

+ Yuka Nakajima, the Guinness World Record-holder, has freed 3,500 teddy bears from those arcade claw machines. Here’s everything else you want to know about the claw.

+ Quartz: Major universities are starting to offer cannabis degree programs. (I wonder if one can earn a degree from home…)

+ July was hot. Really hot. Here are some photos.

+ “It was meant to signify a pause of a length somewhere between that of the comma and that of the colon, and this heritage was reflected in its form, which combines half of each of those marks.” The Birth of the Semicolon. Who knew it would become a legend ;-)

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