“‘The most fundamental principle of free speech law is that the government can’t penalize or disfavor or discriminate against expression based on the ideas or viewpoints it conveys,’ Justice Elena Kagan said in announcing the decision. ‘The ban on ‘immoral’ and ‘scandalous’ trademarks does just that.'” WaPo: Supreme Court sides with ‘subversive’ clothing designer in First Amendment case. In other words, we’re all Fuct.

+ “We can have 40 to 50 in the office on a day sometimes, which is why it was critical to design with dogs first.” FastCo visits Bark, the most dog-friendly office ever. Well, maybe not the most. LA Times: Alexa, how many dogs come to work at Amazon Seattle? 7,000. (I live with the equivalent of 7,000 dogs. Two beagle brothers…)

+ Coach Runs 250 Laps on Track After Losing Bet to Team.