Weekend Whats

What to Book: A confession. When John Temple, one of my favorite authors, contacted me about his new book, I was a little bummed about the topic. I’ve never been particularly interested in the Bundy family or the battle over federal land. Well, after about three pages, I was not only interested, I was riveted. You will be too. Up in Arms: How the Bundy Family Hijacked Public Lands, Outfoxed the Federal Government, and Ignited America’s Patriot Militia Movement. (And don’t miss Temple’s earlier work on the opioid crisis: American Pain.)

+ What to Hear: Bruce. New album. Enough said. Western Stars. (Bruce, if you’re a subscriber, just give me a sign…)

+ What to Read: “The rest of the world saw a country that was experiencing a kind of terrorism that many had lived with for years and yet was thrashing around like a wounded lion, tearing down international alliances and norms.” Fareed Zakaria in Foreign Affairs: The Self-Destruction of American Power.

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