“The U.S. military released a video Friday it said showed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the oil tankers targeted near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, suggesting Tehran wanted to hide evidence of its alleged involvement.” AP: US says video shows Iran removing mine from stricken tanker.

+ President Trump says there’s no doubt Iran was behind the tanker attacks: “Iran did do it, and you know they did it because you saw the boat.” But the Japanese owner of one of the tankers is less sure. WaPo: Trump rejects Iran’s denials that it attacked tankers, citing video released by Central Command.

+ “They are reluctant to accept the White House’s claims at face value, and do not want to provide Washington with any pretext for war.” NYT: Distrusting Both Iran and U.S., Europe Urges Maximum Restraint. (That’s odd. I can’t think of any reason why America’s allies would question the administration’s honesty…)