Eurovision Quest

“The intense fighting over the past two days came to a halt early Monday and residents on both sides went back to their daily routines. Schools and roads had been closed, and Israelis had been urged to remain indoors and near bomb shelters as intense rocket fire pounded the area.” After the deadliest fighting between Hamas and Israel since 2014, Gaza is quiet after the two sides agree to a ceasefire.

+ “Hamas calculated that Netanyahu’s political weakness would force him to bargain ahead of the vaunted international song contest. Many Israelis fear Hamas may be right.” The Daily Beast: Hamas Started a War Over Eurovision, the Song Contest That Gave Us ABBA.

+ “Israel’s claim is noteworthy because it brings into reality a scenario that many experts have long predicted: The use of immediate and near real-time physical force to respond to a cyberattack. ”

+ Here’s an interesting stat from Pew: US Jews are more likely than Christians to say Trump favors the Israelis too much.

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