“If the Department presents us with a good faith offer for access to the full report and the underlying evidence, I reserve the right to postpone these proceedings.” So said House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler as the committee threatened the attorney general with a contempt vote that could come as soon as Wednesday.

+ “The statement — signed by myriad former career government employees as well as high-profile political appointees — offers a rebuttal to Attorney General William P. Barr’s determination that the evidence Mueller uncovered was ‘not sufficient’ to establish that Trump committed a crime.” WaPo: Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not president, hundreds of former federal prosecutors assert.

+ Meanwhile, Michael Cohen offered some parting remarks as he arrived at prison: “I hope that when I return to my family that the country will be in a place without xenophobia, injustice and lies at the helm of our country. There still remains much to be told and I look forward to the day where I can share the truth.” (For now, he’ll just be sharing a cell.) Cohen will be at the same medium security joint as the Fyre Fest guy and (in what some might consider cruel and unusual punishment) The Situation from Jersey Shore.