From Bad Back to Comeback

“Nobody who was here on this surreal Sunday will ever forget the way the earth moved or the way the roars rose above the towering pines. Nobody will ever forget the scene of Woods’ son, Charlie, falling into his father’s arms like Tiger fell into his father’s arms after his record-shattering, barrier-blasting victory as a 21-year-old in 1997. Woods had said his children thought of him as a ‘YouTube golfer,’ as a dynastic force on internet highlights and video games but as something entirely different in the flesh … ‘They only knew that golf caused me a lot of pain,’ Woods said of his children.” Now, like the rest of the world, they know a different side of their dad’s relationship to golf. ESPN: How Tiger made the earth shake again at the Masters.

+ Tiger and the Masters victory even he never saw coming.

+ Some bookmakers, from Nevada to New Jersey, didn’t believe Tiger Woods would win the Masters. It was an expensive miscalculation.

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