“Dayna West knows how to throw a fabulous memorial shindig. She hired Los Angeles celebration-of-life planner Alison Bossert — yes, those now exist — to create what West dubbed ‘Memorialpalooza’ for her father, Howard, in 2016 a few months after his death … And how Howard was remembered! There was a crowd of more than 300 on the Sony Pictures Studios. A hot-dog cart from the famed L.A. stand Pink’s. Gift bags, the hit being a baseball cap inscribed with ‘Life’s not fair, get over it’ (a beloved Howardism). A constellation of speakers, with Jerry Seinfeld as the closer (Howard was his personal manager). And babka (a tribute to a favorite Seinfeld episode).” WaPo: The funeral as we know it is becoming a relic — just in time for a death boom.