“The EU’s 27 leaders will allow the UK to delay Brexit until May 22 on the condition that MPs approve the withdrawal agreement. But should MPs vote against the withdrawal agreement, Britain will have to present a plan by April 12 indicating whether it wants to request a longer extension and hold European Parliament elections, or exit on that day without a deal.” (I’m no expert on British politics, but here’s what I’ve gathered from my news lit review: It was a stupid idea in the first place. They can’t make a good deal because there isn’t one. And the story is driving everyone batshit crazy.)

+ Buzzfeed on The Most Calamitous Week In Brexit Yet. “You know those horror films where you spend the whole thing wondering how the main character’s going to get away from a murderer, and you think they’ve done it, and then in the final frame of the film you realize the killer’s in the back seat of their car?”