“Abell, an experienced backpacker who lives in nearby Sultan, Wash., hiked alongside Groene for two hours. As they swapped stories and got to know each other, Abell tried to persuade Groene to turn around. But Groene was insistent that she had to keep going: With less than 200 miles to go, she was so close to making it to Canada. Eventually, they parted ways. Abell went home but kept an eye on the weather in the mountains.” A hiker in the Cascades thought she would die in a snowstorm. But a stranger was looking out for her.

+ A doughnut store owner had to keep working long days and couldn’t visit his ailing wife. So the neighborhood starting buying out all of his doughnuts in the morning so he could leave early.

+ Fisherman jumps on entangled whale’s back, cuts it free.

+ Indiana vending machine dispenses clean clothing and blankets to people without homes

+ How A Dog Could Stop The Global Spread Of Malaria.

+ Babs does Carpool Karaoke.

+ Nebraska’s new state slogan: Honestly, it’s not for everyone.