“We quickly found evidence that he really does shop at Whole Foods — and that he likes almonds quite a bit. Still, there were reasons to be suspicious.” NYT: Ludacris Is Probably in Your Whole Foods Right Now (and he might pay for your groceries…).

+ People are donating millions of frequent flyer miles to help reunite separated immigrant families.

+ Washingtonian: These Twenty-Somethings Got Heart Transplants on the Very Same Day. And Then They Fell in Love.

+ Pearl Jam raises millions to help Seattle’s homeless; local businesses join forces with iconic band.

+ Elderly man rescues drowning boy, then discovers he also saved the kid’s father 30 years ago. (It could probably sort of irritate the rescuer that no lessons were learned after he saved the first family member, but this is feel good Friday, so let’s focus on the positive…)

+ NYT: The Marines Didn’t Think Women Belonged in the Infantry. She’s Proving Them Wrong.

+ Kid gets into Georgetown. Parents refuse to support kid’s efforts because he is gay. Teacher launches fundraiser. Georgetown hears about it. Kid gets full ride.