Cohen Headgames

Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox with a behind the scenes look into the remarkably intriguing twists and turns of the Michael Cohen saga. “From his suite in the Loews Regency hotel, the nondescript Park Avenue tower in which he has been living as his apartment undergoes repairs, Cohen vents with friends about how his life has been turned upside-down.” (Can you imagine the stress of being under this kind of prosecutorial and media pressure and dealing with a remodeling project…)

+ Adam Davidson in The New Yorker: “We are witnessing a grand, public Prisoner’s Dilemma, in which each man could, theoretically, destroy the other. Or, perhaps, they could work together to explain away any troubling information that comes out of the investigation of Cohen’s files. They can’t talk privately, because every interaction is likely to be scrutinized. Instead, they speak to each other through the media.”

+ “The Russian effort was extensive and sophisticated, and its goals were to undermine public faith in the democratic process, to hurt Secretary Clinton and to help Donald Trump.” We’ve known this for a long time. But it’s a big deal that the Senate Intelligence Committee just confirmed reality.

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