Checks and Overdue Balances

“What probably sold Foxconn on Mount Pleasant were the massive tax breaks Wisconsin offered to seal the deal – breaks that could end up costing the state $4.8bn if the project hits all of its targets. It’s the latest giveaway in a series of corporate welfare checks cut for highly profitable tech companies and the largest to a foreign firm ever in the US.” The Guardian: The $4.8bn gamble to lure Foxconn to America.

+ “One complaint is that tax credits given to Tesla – and to a lesser extent other tech companies – deplete public services, resulting in potholed roads, overcrowded schools and insufficient affordable housing. The other is that the tech worker influx has sent rents rocketing, tipping residents on fixed incomes, especially seniors, into penury.” When tech comes to town… Paying for Tesla’s Gigafactory.

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