“Nuclear policy is no longer widely discussed in the media; the public has been told little about a subject of existential importance; and questions once passionately argued have been largely forgotten. Why do we have nuclear weapons? What they are for? How might they be used? And, at a time when a single American submarine can destroy the capital city of every country in the United Nations, how much is enough?” We’ve been talking a lot about one country’s denuclearization. But as The New Yorker’s Eric Schlosser explains, we’re in the middle of a massive (and somewhat unexpected) nuclear arms race.

+ “It has fractured Google’s work force, fueled heated staff meetings and internal exchanges, and prompted some employees to resign. The dispute has caused grief for some senior Google officials … as they try to straddle the gap between scientists with deep moral objections and salespeople salivating over defense contracts.” NYT: How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google.