A Roseanne A Thorn

The first rule of Mickey Mouse Club is that you don’t put the Mickey Mouse brand into jeopardy. The second rule will be written on a pink slip. The fall of Roseanne and Roseanne is about a lot more than TV. It’s about politics, corporations, race, and even social media addiction. Here are my 10 quick thoughts on the firing of Roseanne Barr: The First Rule of Mickey Mouse Club.

+ This is why I ambien a racist… Roseanne blamed her Tweets on Ambien (which probably caused millions of trolls to race to the pharmacy to get some). The makers of Ambien beg to differ: “Racism Is Not a Known Side Effect.”

+ Hours after leaving Twitter, Roseanne returned to publicly apologize to Valerie Jarrett … while sharing conspiracy theories about her.

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