We passed the baton. Or maybe they took it. Either way, the teen-led march that became a movement over the weekend was a significant moment in the debate over America’s gun laws. But it was about a lot more than that. My quick take: What This March Is Really About.

+ “If this had been tightly scripted, made-for-TV viewing it’s unlikely Samantha Fuentes, one of the Parkland survivors— overcome with emotion and nerves—would have stopped halfway through her poem, titled Enough, to throw up behind the podium.” Dahlia Lithwick: What we saw on Saturday afternoon in Washington, DC, was stunningly original.

+ Photos from the March for Our Lives.

+ “In the six weeks since the young survivors of Parkland, Florida, jump-started a vibrant new movement for gun control, its leadership has managed to broaden the locus of concern beyond mass shootings at comfortable suburban schools like Marjory Stoneman Douglas, to gun violence in urban neighborhoods as well.” Margaret Talbot: The Extraordinary Inclusiveness of the March for Our Lives.

+ “A doctored animation of González tearing the US Constitution in half circulated on social media during the rally … In the real image, González is ripping apart a gun-range target.” WaPo: Where the Parkland teens are villains.

+ Vanity Fair: Inside the secret meme lab designed to propel #neveragain beyond the march.