Friday, March 23rd, 2018


The Strides of March

"Over the past year, people have regularly asked me how I can take the weight of being immersed in the news (so much of it negative), day after day. My answer is that I don't feel the news. I spend so much time reading, describing, and sharing the news, that I've professionalized the process of consuming it. My job isn't to feel the news. My job is to make you feel it. But I felt that speech by Emma González." A month ago, I wrote that the movement led by the kids from Parkland felt different. These days, a month feels like it equals a decade in news years. And yet, the teen movement has risen above the din, and as we approach this weekend's March for Our Lives, its organizers have managed to stay top of mind and at the top of the news. NY Mag: The Parkland Student Survivors Have Taken Over Media.

+ "In just a few weeks' time, we, the youth of the United States, have built a new movement to denounce gun violence and call for safety in all of our communities. And this is only the beginning." The iconic Emma González on Why This Generation Needs Gun Control

+ Follow along on Saturday, either on foot, or in the media where the Parkland students are guest editing The Guardian, and the editors at Youth Radio are mapping and tracking the hundreds of planned marches.


Mustache Wacks

"Though he has been on a list of candidates for the post since the beginning of the administration, officials said Mr. Trump has hesitated, in part because of his negative reaction to Mr. Bolton's walrus-style mustache." It's another almost comical detail from the Trump White House, but it's related to an appointment that has left no one laughing. NYT: McMaster is out and John Bolton is Trump's third national security advisor.

+ I know there's a decent joke here about keeping a stiff upper lip, but I'm too nervous about this news to come up with it. And I'm not alone. From Fred Kaplan in Slate: It's Time to Panic Now. And from The New Yorker's Robin Wright: The New Warmonger in the White House. Meanwhile, Trump has considered the idea of firing John Kelly and moving forward without a chief of staff.


Weekend Whats

+ What to Do: David Allen is the master of GTD: Getting things Done. He's widely recognized as the world's leading expert on personal and organizational productivity. And just in time for the most amazing teen-led movement we've seen in years, Allen's latest book is available for preorder: Getting Things Done for Teens: Take Control of Your Life in a Distracting World.

+ What to Doc: We're speed freaks. That line has been true at many stages of human history, and its certainly true in today's America (especially when it comes to young people). In a hypercompetitive world, drugs like Adderall give students, athletes and coders a way to do more faster and better. On Netflix: Take Your Pills.

+ What to Read: "Today I can say I'm proud of what we did. Now they're listening. We're getting somewhere - people believe us." BBC: The community of 2,000 people with 151 cases of sexual abuse.

+ What to Zuck : If you missed it, here's my take on The Flight of the Zuckerberg: 20 Quick Thoughts About The Facebook Scandal. (Currently number one on Medium, and number one in your hearts!)


The Battle of the Bulge

"Public health experts said that they were alarmed by the continuing rise in obesity among adults and by the fact that efforts to educate people about the health risks of a poor diet do not seem to be working." NYT: American Adults Just Keep Getting Fatter. (In my defense, I've been stress-eating since Nov 8, 2016...)


The Battle of the Budge

"I say to Congress, I will never sign another bill like this again." And with that (and a lot of other commentary on a wide variety of subjects), President Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill despite his earlier veto threat on Twitter.

+ "On page 1,967 of the $1.3 trillion spending bill ... you will find roughly a hundred and fifty words that comprise a small bit of legislation called the Save America's Pastime Act." The New Yorker with an interesting look at What the Spending Bill Could Mean for Minor-League Baseball Players. (There are 2,231 other pages in this thing...)

+ Meanwhile, as the market continues to reel from the China tariffs, the CEOs from Apple, Google, and IBM are heading to China.


Stream Back to Consciousness

"The industry still isn't back to where it was at its 1999-ish peak, when Britney Spears was a giant star and people bought CDs for $15, even if they only wanted to hear a single song. But it is getting much closer than optimists might have imagined only a few years ago." Recode: The music business had its second year in a row of big-time growth, thanks to streaming.

+ Everyone is getting on the streaming bandwagon. "Digital download sales have fallen so much in the past few years that they're now smaller than sales of CDs, vinyl, and other physical media."

+ There's one thing that managed to stick around from the heyday of the music download era: You still like to steal music. From Variety: Spotify reveals 2 million people used hacked apps to suppress ads.


New Tricks

"Today, we are reporting that over the past five years IBM has been removing older U.S. employees from their jobs, replacing some with younger, less experienced, lower-paid American workers and moving many other jobs overseas." Interesting piece from ProPublica, both because of its content related to age discrimination, and because of the way they came to the story. How the Crowd Led Us to Investigate IBM.


Waithe For It…

"In your life, if you're lucky enough, you are born during a moment in time when the world is ready for the change you're bringing. So all that's left for you to do is your work. If you are a child named Lena Waithe, you find your passion on the television screen, or, as you call it, your Third Parent." Vanity Fair: Lena Waithe Is Changing the Game.


Dog is My Co-Dependent

"In an unfamiliar place, dogs spent more of their interaction time with their owners—nearly 80 percent. But in a familiar place, the animals spent more with the stranger—around 70 percent, according to the paper." Does Your Dog Prefer You Over Anyone Else? It's Complicated.


Feel Good Friday

"My brother invited 8 of his classmates for his Stranger Things themed bday party & none of their punk selves showed up." Stranger Things stars cheer up kid after classmates fail to attend birthday party. (At my kids school, if they found out that the cast of Stranger Things were invited to a birthday party, they'd make you invite all of the shows on Netflix to be fair...)

+ "Who would have thought that after 14 years, you'd find your lost cat?" (This article could have just as easily been titled, The Cat That Couldn't Get Away, but it's Feel Good Friday...

+ Vice: How activists turned empty London property into a thriving homeless shelter.

+ Really touching story about a photographer who agreed to chronicle a wedding that took place in a hospital.

+ A prominent Orthodox rabbi in Israel said that meat from a genetically cloned pig would be kosher for consumption by Jews, including when eaten with dairy products.