“If we screw up we’re on the front page of every newspaper in Norway. We become idiots, overnight.” The NYT on the thankless job of being Norway’s ski wax chief.

+ WaPo: Who knew a Tongan cross-country skier could be so engaging with his shirt on? “If my ancestors could sail across the Pacific Ocean for a thousand years, not knowing where the next piece of land was going to be, not knowing where their next meal was going to be, going to war, then I can walk for 25 minutes through an opening ceremony without a shirt on [in the frigid cold] and represent a thousand years of heritage.” (My ancestors overcame horrific challenges so that I would never, ever have to disrobe in public…)

+ “Jamaican Women’s Bobsled Coach Sandra Kiriasis Quits, Owns Team’s Sled.”

+ FiveThirtyEight: What if men and women skied against each other in the Olympics?

+ How many calories do Olympians eat? (Chloe Kim had me at Churro…)

+ At the Winter Games, love is in the air for Valentine’s Day athletes.

+ NPR: Finland Takes Olympic Chill To The Next Level: Team Knitting.