Blame Canada

Welcome to the first ever NextDraft Good News Only Pre-Thanksgiving Extravaganza. (OK, the name needs work, but candidly, good news is not something I have a ton of experience with.) All of these stories were submitted by readers. But I’d be remiss (and a tad jingoistic) if I didn’t offer a tip of my tuque to the Canucks who supplied the most clicks per capita. So at the risk of being perceived as a total keener, we’ll get things rolling in Canada with a story that might come in handy during your holiday travels. From CBC: A delayed flight turns into a full-on party: “My buddy with the accordian, Sheldon … I’m a bit shyer than he is … Anytime we’re gathered around airports like that, he’s often taking out his accordian just out of the blue and start playing for people.” (In the US, we have a name for a guy who pulls out an accordion during a flight delay: Daredevil.)

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